The Sweater

I am trying to make Maggie some sweaters for fall and winter. I was going to make a mock up, so I did not use material that I liked just in case. I measured Maggie from head to toe, then I made the pattern. Afterwards, I cut out some felt and started the sewing. I realized I sewed the sleeves up! Then I seam-ripped it and started the sewing process again. When I was done, it did not look the best, but it would do. I tried it on Maggie; it was a little tight just while putting it on, I thought. But when it was on her, the top part of the neck was WAY too tight. The sleeves were too tight where you could not get them off! So I went to cut the sweater off. I will post a new pattern that works and a photo for Sew Crafty Friday.