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Menu Plan Monday 9-13-08 — Disaster Mode

We are home from the hurricane and are so thankful to have a home! We have power, but no water. Hopefully we will have water in one or two days. My menu plan is at best sketchy, as it is difficult to cook without running water. Now when I say we don’t have running water, I don’t mean we don’t have any water. Before we evacuated I put 15 gallons in igloo type jugs and filled both of the tubs. The water in the tubs we use for toilets and washing, and the igloo water is for cooking, & drinking. We have no regular milk, but I keep a store of powdered milk on hand for emergencies. We do have the ability to refill our containers at Gene’s office if we run out. I also have a couple of cases of bottled water as well.

We are using paper products & plastic utensils to cut down on washing, but I’m having to use pots and pans to cook. For my roast I will use a disposable roasting pan. The stores here are running very short on food; tonight when we went to Wal-Mart there was no produce, meat, frozen food, or any other food that required refrigeration. All of their cold items were ruined when they lost power, as was their produce. The shelves at the store were empty, which made shopping easier… since there was nothing to choose from. Lindsay took pictures of all of the empty shelves on our trip tonight. It is amazing that this is the reality living in the 4th largest city in America right now. We are actually quite blessed, as many in other parts of the city have no stores that are open.

Sunday night:  Tuna Helper

Monday night: Baked Sweet potatoes

Tuesday night: Pot roast, roasted veggies, homemade bread

Wednesday night: Hamburger helper

Thursday night: leftovers

Friday night: Quesadillas

Make sure you visit Laura to get great menu ideas from all the ladies who share.

Menu Plan Monday 7-7-08

I am getting my menu posted a little late, but hey, I have a good excuse. We had company for dinner tonight and on top of that some of the girls have been sick with a stomach bug and allergies.  That caused my day to be quite busy, with no time for the computer.

I will try to come back during the week and add links to recipes that I have planned for the week. I can’t wait to see what’s everyone’s planned and if you want to get in on the fun, drop by Laura’s blog.

Brisket, Gold mashed potatoes, gravy, corn off the cob, honey glazed carrots & yeast rolls

Meatloaf, leftover vegetables, macaroni & cheese

Red beans & rice, cornbread & salad

Cajun injected chicken, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, butter beans

Lentil soup with leftovers, & homemade bread

Sausage rice & cheese casserole, salad & homemade bread

Pasta casserole with pepperoni