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Hurricane’s A Comin’!

Here we are again, three years later, evacuating once again. Hurricane force winds and a mobile homes just don’t mix that well. As of this writing (12:30pm 9/11/08) the eye of the hurricane is predicted to come directly over Katy. The good news is, at least we won’t be on the dirty side of the eye, the bad news is, it’s going to be a hard hit if it stays on this track. Our hope and prayer is to come home Sunday. We may come home to no power or water, but come home we will. I will be updating here as I can, and will update my Facebook and Twitter via the phone. Pray for those who are in the path of Ike, but also continue to remember those who were affected by Gustav. Many lost their homes and some are still without water and power. When stories are no longer before us on the news, we tend to think the problem is resolved and forget that it is still having a very real impact on people in their lives.

Pray for us all as we learn to hold onto our possessions loosely. We are leaving knowing that nothing may be here when we return. This is hard to do and to think about, but none the less, it is an ever-present reality for many today. There are many who will stay, and our prayer is that as few as possible are injured.